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Home Improvements, Repairs and Maintenance

Ceiling Fan Install

We install ceiling fans and lighting.

Replace Rotten Trim

Keep the outside of your house in shape! We'll replace rotting trim before it gets worse.

Attic Stairs Install

We'll install pull-down stairs so you can more easily access your attic for storage purposes

Repair Hole in Screen

We fix holes in window or door screens, or screened porches

Simple Drywall Repair

Replace holes in drywall and repair cracks and nail pops

Permit Fees

Deck Repairs

Replacement of deck boards, railings.

HOA Violation Repairs

We're familiar with HOA Guidelines and can complete repairs needed to address violations

Replace Hot Water Tank

Water heater repair and replacement

Completion of Home Inspection Report

Inspection revealed some problems? We can take care of it for you!

Design Fees


Interior or exterior painting

Power Washing

We can get the deck, siding, concrete and more clean by power washing

Repair Addendum list completion

Home Sale? We'll tackle the list of repairs needed

Customizations post-settlement

After settlement, we can complete any customizations to the home for the buyer

Kitchen & Bath

Powder Room Renovation

New cabinetry, tile work, flooring, toilet replacement, new sink and fixtures

Replace Toilet

Replacement of old leaking toilets with a new, high-efficiency style

Granite Counters

Improve the resale value of your home with new counter tops

Closet Renovation

Replacement of doors, removal of old shelving and installation of new shelving

Major Renovations

Master Bath Renovation

Time for an update? New flooring, tile work, cabinets, shower fixtures, new sink, new storage

Basement Finish

We'll turn the unfinished basement into useful space, such as a movie room or entertainment space

Disaster Repair & Restoration

Water Damage Repairs

Flooring, tile, ceiling, sheetrock, subflooring, drywall and more

Fire Damage Repairs

Rebuilding and repairs after fire

Storm Damage

Roofing, siding, windows, decks, doors

Seasonal & Holidays

Gutter Cleaning

It's important to keep gutters free from leaves and debris to prevent leaks and water damage

Deck Evaluation

We'll assess the condition of the flooring, rails, stairs, and overall structure for safety and longevity

Install Christmas Lights

Love to have lights, but it's difficult finding the time? We can put up lights so your house looks great for the holidays

Take Down Lights

Now that the holidays are over, we can take the lights down

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