Flushing toilet

Ever had to deal with a toilet that flushes all on Its own? The first time this happened to me as a kid, I was in the house alone and swore that an intruder must have gotten in and was flushing the toilet!
The cause of a self-flushing toilet is usually worn interior parts. The water may be trickling through the toilet constantly, causing the water level in the tank to lower and eventually triggering the refill mechanism. A leaky toilet can potentially waste about 1,500 gallons of water a month.
The fix is to remove the lid and untangle or loosen the chain. It could be too tight, preventing the flapper from seating fully and letting water leak out the flush valve. Or, try bending the tube connected to the float ball. If those don’t work, replace the valve and flapper inside the toilet tank.
If you are going to have to replace the valve and flapper, consider replacing it with a dual flush converter that will save water. You’ll have a two-handle, dual flush toilet. The short center lever is for liquids and paper – the setting needed 4 out of 5 times — and uses less water. The second complete push lever uses the normal amount of water for solids. Easy, drop-in installation.