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Our philosophy is to create an enjoyable, pleasant experience for everyone involved. If we cannot or are not able to perform the work, we will be happy to provide you with a local reliable referral who can help you meet your needs. We will be on time, courteous, and professional. We aim to educate our clients while serving their needs.

Supporting the Loudoun Community

Loudoun Handyman believes in the importance of local community interaction. We use a local insurance agent, local vendors, local labor, support local schools, and are based right here in Loudoun County. We have built strong relationships with county agencies such as the Building and Development Department as well as the Loudoun SBDC (Small Business Development Council). If you have suggestions on how to support the local economy and community, please let us know.

Licenses & Certifications

Virginia License #2705 135004
Loudoun County Business Certificate
EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm NAT-82819-2

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Looking for a General Contractor for additions, alterations or new construction? Visit our Loudoun Contracting website for more information.

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Do you have insurance?

Yes.  Loudoun Handyman carries a $2 million general liability insurance policy. We also have a Virginia Contractors license.

How do you charge?

We charge by the hour for handyman jobs.  For larger jobs that may or may not require a county permit we will give you a fixed price estimate.  We urge you to compare our prices with other properly licensed and insured handymen companies.

Do I need to buy materials?

We can purchase them for you if needed.  However, you may want to have the necessary material on site to save time, which will save you money.  We will have the tools to do the job.  It may be necessary for you to provide power and water for certain tasks.

Can I get an estimate?

Yes.  All estimates are free of charge.  Sometimes we can give an estimate over the phone, but for larger projects we will need to schedule a time to look at things first hand.